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Cut Costs
Cut staffing costs and improve internal and customer communications creating better business results.
Automate Manual Processes
Move from a manual system to an automation solution and improve operational efficiency.
Reduce Returns
Reduce the number of returns and improve product quality with reliable data collection.
Reduce Turnaround Times
Change service processes easily, without programming, for faster and consistent turnaround times.
Meet Compliance Requirements
Define and enforce Returns and Service Management (RSM) processes for consistent compliance.
Maintain Competitive Edge
Streamline after-sales service and returns management to maintain your competitive edge.

Your processes for handling returns and service are as unique as your products and customers.

The unit and fault data to collect, the stages returns and service requests go through, the workflow, the roles of team members, email notifications, and reporting are all very specific to your unique products and the way your team works now.

Not surprisingly, there is no off-the-shelf software that meets your specific needs.

So your teams use excels and emails, or an inadequate, inflexible homegrown system and are frustrated and hope someday some vendor will provide a solution that meets all their specific needs. Meanwhile your customers are also becoming increasingly frustrated.

RenewityRMA is highly configurable so you can define and implement your specific returns and service management system yourself, without any custom programming, in a matter of days.

We have helped over 100 manufactures in many different industries with vastly different product lines implement their dream RMA and service management tracking solution.

Each implementation is unique, and was defined and setup by the service managers themselves with no programming or IT involvement.

Our client’s service teams have seen turnaround times reduced by 5x to 10x, phone calls reduced by 90%, returns reduced by 25%, labor costs reduced, service revenues increased, and the customer experience vastly improved.

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Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) has been using Renewity’s RMA & Service Management Automation Solution now for two years—we couldn’t be happier with our decision. Within the first year, we realized an 80% reduction in our process cycle time, and a greater than 5X return on investment through reduced labor and material costs. In addition, the freedom that the system gives us in terms of customization and control of inputs, notifications, etc., is very powerful.

Lee Scanlon - Director, Corporate Quality, Digital Monitoring Products, Springfield, Missouri

RenewityRMA has given us the means to communicate, track and maintain all the return processes within our company. Where there wasn’t a way to oversee the system from beginning to end, we now have a highly effective digital trail to follow. It has improved our efficiency, accountability and cost effectiveness in ways that we didn’t even foresee before the system was integrated into our returns processes.

John Robinson - Morbark Information Specialist

With RenewityRMA we didn’t have to change our process to fit the software, we easily configured the software to fit our process. Renewity is probably the most flexible RMA and service management solution on the market without the need of custom programing.

Joachim Raber - Director Global Service, Ametek EDAX

Renewity really has thought of everything. The easy to use RenewityRMA RMA & Service Management Automation software and its powerful features, has truly made organizing RMAs a breeze. Unmatched support and 5-star customer service made setting up the software a quick and easy process. Customers love the online portal, which has dropped unnecessary calls down to a minimum. Whether you have a small amount of RMAs or huge quantities, Renewity has the one and only RMA management software you’ll ever want.

Brian Womack - Associate IT Support Technician, Parsons Corporation

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