for Returns and Service Management – Features


Reduce Returns

Reduce the number of returns and improve product quality with reliable data collection.


Meet Compliance Requirements

Define and enforce Returns and Service Management (RSM) processes for consistent compliance.

Automate Manual Processes

Move from a manual system to an automation solution and improve operational efficiency.

Reduce Turnaround Times

Change service processes easily, without programming, for faster and consistent turnaround times.

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for Retuns Management & Product Service

Built on the TeamTracks Platform


Custom Data and Screens

Define ALL the custom fields needed for the RMA and your unique processes.

  • Define numeric, text, choice(drop-down), date and lookup custom fields, and more
  • Change, add or delete custom fields at any time
  • Group fields into logical groups
  • Define the screens to enter, display and edit RMAs
Service Rep Roles

Group service reps into functional roles for accountability and auditing.

  • Specify what data each role can see and edit – down to the field level.
  • Restrict a role to one view of data, or to multiple views
  • Improves ease-of-use as service reps only deal with data relevant to them
  • Create a more responsive, accountable, and productive team

Track the workflow of RMAs with complete visibility to ensure the process runs smoothly.

  • Define the stages, or states, the RMA goes through
  • Easily see the RMAs currently in each state/bucket
  • Open RMAs to see all gathered data and state changes
  • View the history of all state changes and transactions on the RMA
Automation – Emails

Send automated emails to service reps to notify them of their next tasks, and to customers to keep them informed on the real-time status of their returns.

  • Send emails to customer automatically, greatly saving time over manual emails
  • Emails can include any data pulled from the RMA, file attachments, and formatted HTML documents
  • Emails can be generated from canned responses
  • Highlight RMAs for different priorities and follow-up actions
Automation – Events

Specify when emails will be sent based on events in the workflow.

  • Trigger events based on the value of one or more fields in the RMA
  • Trigger events based on escalations – if an RMA stays in a state too long
  • Events are checked whenever an RMA changes state
  • Events fire off emails and highlights
Reports and Charts

Create reports that pull select data from RMAs to see overall status of the workflow. Create pie, bar and line charts to gain data insights.

  • Select RMAs to include in reports based on their state or field values
  • See trends in product faults quickly
  • Speed up corrective actions to improve product quality
  • Reduce the number of under-warranty returns, saving money
Customer Portal

Provide a customer portal on your website for online support and self-service.

  • Provide a Knowledge Base of articles and FAQs, and downloadable documents, arranged by topics and categories
  • Allow customers to submit Tickets and interact with service reps
  • Allow customers to submit RMAs and see the status of their RMAs
  • Link Tickets to related RMAs
  • Easily handle multiple units on 1 RMA
  • Import units to an RMA from an excel file
  • Export data in reports to excel files
  • Manage parts and generate price quotes
  • complete rol-based access fro servic reps and clients
  • built on TeamTracks 
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The Definitive Guide to RMA and Service Automation.

Download this 10-page guide to find out:
  • What RMA & Service Management Automation is all about
  • The key features and benefits of RMA & Service Management Automation
  • How to select and implement an RMA & Service Management Solution
  • …and more