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RenewityRMA RMA and Service Management Automation Platform

In the world of manufacturing service teams, the need to control and automate one’s own processes is paramount. However, in many cases, service managers are forced to use disparate technologies, inappropriate modules from ERPs and CRM solutions, static Microsoft Excel files, and inflexible homegrown systems to manage everything from RMAs to service requests to team members, and more. However, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Purpose-built and designed for Service Teams

Renewity purpose-built and designed RenewityRMA from the ground up specifically for the needs of in-house service teams. In fact, Renewity designed RenewityRMA with specific input from many of the world’s top manufacturers and their service teams—encompassing those feature sets and capabilities that are relevant to real-world service and repair teams.

Welcome to the RenewityRMA Advantage

Utilizing RenewityRMA—the world’s leading RMA and Service Management Automation Solution—service managers can implement their own customized system designed specifically for their own unique processes in record time. This also means they can immediately make changes or additions for better workflow, all from one centralized software. Imagine, no more IT bottlenecks, or waiting for changes to complex ERPs or CRMs where vendors can take too long and use up too much budget.

RenewityRMA RMA and Service Management Automation capabilities enable you to:

  • Define processes for Returns and Service Management (RSM) with custom fields, screens, roles, views, stages, workflows, and automatic notifications for different product lines
  • Create comprehensive RSM audit trails and service action history for compliance
  • Make changes to processes at any time without programming or IT involvement
  • Check warranty entitlement and loading unit spec data from tables that can be easily managed
  • Provide flexible, ease-of-use software for the service team to track and manage their daily work on returns and service
  • Load data easily from ERP systems
  • Seamlessly integrate to Zendesk, Salesforce, and more, providing visibility to Sales and Customer Service into the real-time status of customers’ returns and service requests
  • Handle multiple units on one RMA
  • Gather complete and accurate data on product faults to improve product quality
  • Share RMA status and messaging through a customized customer portal
  • Manage global repair locations or outsourced 3PLs

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    • Define your processes without IT involvement or custom programming
    • Define custom fields, custom field groupings, and screens to enter, display and edit RMAs with role-based access permissions to see specific views of data
    • Define workflow – states/stages, events based on RMA field data checked on state changes and escalation events with related triggered actions
    • Send automatic emails pulling RMA data and reports
    • Highlight RMAs in user interface
    • Define multiple processes each with its own custom data and workflow for different RMA types
    • To customer
    • Within the service team
    • Internally to sales and customer service
    • System sends automatic emails on state and escalation events to customers and internal staff
    • Service reps can send manual emails and reports
    • Service reps can manually send emails and reports at any time
    • To sales
    • To customer support
    • To executives
    • Into remote repair locations
    • Into outsourced 3PL repair shops
    • View history of all state changes, events and actions fired, and field data entry updates on each RMA
    • Collect complete and accurate data on product fault codes, faulty components/subcomponents and product configurations on each product return and service request
    • Generate reports/charts on product fault trends for Product Quality
    • Create reports and charts
    • Create reports on multiple RMAs – select fields to display, filters for selection, and sort order
    • Create reports on individual RMAs with inserted RMA field data and HTML formatting
    • Create dashboards and KPIs
    • Export data to Excel easily
    • Customers can request RMAs online 24/7 and view their status
    • Prompt customer to enter data on product and faults/errors and requested action on RMA submission and on any other custom fields
    • Specify screens to present to customer on RMA submission based on product type and processes
    • Customers can enter multiple units on one RMA and load unit data from Excel files
    • Customers can see status of their RMAs in real time
    • Customers can search their RMAs by data field values
    • Customers can attach files to RMA
    • Customers can register products – optionally specify that RMAs can only be submitted on registered products
    • Customers can see Knowledge Base of articles based on topics with different visibilities to customers or partners with related web links, file attachments, related articles
    • Service reps can easily manage the Knowledge Base and add articles without IT or Webmaster involvement
    • Customers can view download area for files, manuals, documents
    • Service reps can easily manage the download area
    • Check warranty entitlement on RMA submission by customer or by service rep
    • Notify customer if unit is not under warranty
    • Service rep can easily manage a table of warranty end dates by unit serial number
    • Check that serial number is entered and is valid on RMA submission
    • Notify customer if serial number is invalid
    • Service reps can easily manage a lookup table of all units with serial numbers, warranty end dates, and unit specification data
    • Check on RMA creation that unit is owned by the customer
    • Check if RMA is already opened on this unit so duplicates are not entered
    • Easily manage a table of parts, part descriptions, part costs, and other custom fields
    • Service reps can easily manage table of labor codes and costs
    • Generate email quotes on parts and labor for unit repair to customer for POs or approval
    • Load product spec data from lookup tables based on unit serial number or any other key field when RMA is submitted
    • Update fields in RMA from the table if key field is changed/edited on RMA
    • Service rep can easily manage lookup tables – Add/edit/delete records
    • Service rep can search lookup tables by date and field values to find specific records
  • Service reps can easily do the following:

    • Track RMAS by process/product type
    • Track RMAs by state
    • Track RMAs by customer
    • Search for RMAs by field values
    • Change state of an RMA and trigger automatic workflow rules
    • Display different views of RMA data based on their role permissions
    • Edit and enter specific RMA data fields based on their role
    • Manually send emails to customer – emails can contain any RMA custom field data, canned responses, reports, and file attachments
    • Highlight/unhighlight RMA
    • View full history of all state changes, actions, field data edits on each RMA with time stamp and name of the person who made the change
    • Add related web links and file attachments
    • Cancel RMAs
    • Add file attachments and web links
    • Split units – individually or as a group for separate processing and workflow
    • Merge units back into parent RMA – Individually or as a group
    • Swap units
    • Perform edits on groups of units with one mouse click
    • Add/update units on RMA from Excel files
    • Add units to RMA, individually or from Excel files
    • Create and manage tickets/cases for your customers
    • Link a ticket to one or more associated RMAs
    • Define custom fields, screens, and reports for tickets
    • Define workflows for ticket processes (state and escalation events, and actions)
    • Send automatic emails on tickets
    • Define canned responses for quick and consistent support
    • Define different ticket types each with its own custom fields and workflows
    • Use our built-in ticket management system, or turn it off and use Zendesk or Salesforce
    • Set up topics and sub-categories of articles
    • Set different visibilities for guests, customers, and partners
    • Easily add articles with weblinks, related articles, attachments
    • Service team can manage knowledge base without webmaster involvement
    • Parse company support email inbox and update associated RMAs and tickets from customer emails
    • Create RMAs from emails
    • Define service level agreements for RMAs
    • Notify service team if RMAs are not meeting SLAs
    • Enable agents in Salesforce and Zendesk to see all RMAs for a contact/user and for an account
    • Enable agents to request RMAs in Renewity and associate them with a customer ticket or case
    • Allow agents to see the current status and details of RMAs in Renewity
    • Provide visibility for customer support agents and sales account managers into the service team activities
    • Setup unique RMA processes for different repair locations
    • Clone processes from other repair locations for quick setup
    • Report on multiple locations
    • Specify permissions such as cancel RMAs, delete RMAs, manage lookup tables, change serial numbers, and others per service rep role
    • Specify exactly what RMA data service reps can see and what data they can edit based on their role
    • Specify what RMA processes service reps can see and manage
    • Specify what states service reps can change the RMA into
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