OrkestraST Returns and Service Management (RSM) system

Your team must have visibility into product service and customers’ return merchandise authorizations (RMAs) and repairs. Otherwise, your account managers will be blindsided because they don’t know the current status of RMAs and the history of service requests with the client, resulting in lost sales. It is hard to upsell to an unhappy customer.

Our service team automation solution, OrkeztraST, gives you visibility into your RMA processes, enabling you to provide the status of RMAs to customers and support and sales teams through a self-service portal, and to deliver automatic communications. Through these operational efficiencies, you’ll realize both increased product sales and new sales of “service products,” such as extended warranties and premium SLAs.

With OrkeztraST, you’ll fulfill the requirements for key contracts. When your sales team spends less time trying to determine the status of customers’ RMAs and repairs and more time selling, you not only maintain your customer base, you also maintain and grow your competitive advantage.

And more and more, as you have no doubt noticed, your customers, dealers and distributors, and key partners are demanding a customer portal for returns and service requests, and proof that you have excellent internal systems for RSM—all easily and quickly provided by OrkeztraST.

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