RenewityRMA Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and Service Management Automation – RSM

In addition, to deliver an excellent customer experience, returns and service management (RSM) processes need to ensure complete and accurate collection of fault data and quality issues on all products post-sale. This critical data is needed to quickly address quality issues to reduce warranty returns and maintain brand reputation.

To add to the complexity, in addition to ensuring high-quality products that deliver the intended performance, you must also ensure they pass ISO audits and comply with government regulations, all while ensuring accountability for service costs and billings to customers.

Our RMA & Service Management Automation solution, RenewityRMA, will give you the 360-degree view of product quality you need—not just during the manufacturing process, but also after the sale—ensuring you deliver a superior customer experience. RenewityRMA will also enable you to pass ISO audits and to be consistently in compliance with ISO and government regulatory requirements.

Our unique return merchandise authorizations (RMA) and RSM solution consistently delivers a high-quality product that meets all the customer’s requirements and expectations throughout the full lifetime use of the product by the customer.

To learn more about how RenewityRMA can help ensure product quality, contact us—we’ll be happy to help.

Over RMAs Processed to Date
Increase in Turn Around Time
Increase in Service Revenue
Customer Portal Satisfaction

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