In the market for field service, you’ll find an abundance of software choices. Yet, in the market for in-house service teams, you’ll find a scarcity of software choices.

Surprising, considering the growing need for service management software to improve the customer experience. Such software automates workflows and notifications internally and to the customer, generates reports, communicates with the customer and sales and support teams, and moves the units through a defined Returns and Service Management (RSM) process.
There is a myth that such software must be custom built for each manufacturer because each has unique products and service processing needs. Renewity has shattered that myth.

Introducing RenewityRMA  – A powerful and configurable platform for repairs and recalibration tracking and automation

The New World of RMA & Service Management Automation – Your Process, Your Way

Renewity purpose-built and designed RenewityRMA from the ground up specifically for the needs of in-house service teams, enabling them to:

  • Provide flexible, ease-of-use software for the service team to track and manage their daily work on returns and service
  • Define their unique processes and data collection for RSM
  • Make changes to their processes at any time without programming or IT involvement
  • Create comprehensive RSM audit trails and service action history for compliance
  • Share RMA status and messaging through a customized customer portal
  • Gather complete and accurate data on product faults to improve product quality
  • Manage global repair locations or outsourced 3PLs

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Cut Costs
Cut staffing costs and improve internal and customer communications creating better business results.
Automate Manual Processes
Move from a manual system to an automation solution and improve operational efficiency.
Reduce Returns
Reduce the number of returns and improve product quality with reliable data collection.
Reduce Turnaround Times
Change service processes easily, without programming, for faster and consistent turnaround times.
Meet Compliance Requirements
Define and enforce Returns and Service Management (RSM) processes for consistent compliance.
Maintain Competitive Edge
Streamline after-sales service and returns management to maintain your competitive edge.

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Over RMAs Processed to Date
Increase in Turn Around Time
Increase in Service Revenue
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