Starter Edition
$49 / Month/ Service Rep

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Screens
  • 3 Role Views
  • Custom States
  • Custom Workflows
  • State Events
  • Escalation Events
  • Automatic Notifications/Emails
  • Reports / Charts
  • Knowledge Base
  • Customer Portal
  • Free Customer Accounts
  • 1 RMA process
  • 1 Unit per RMA
  • up to 750 RMAs /mo.

$129 / Month/ Service Rep

  • Includes Pro Features +
  • Load/update RMAs from Excel files
  • Email Integration – update RMAs/Tickets from incoming emails
  • Up to:
    • 7 RMA Processes *
    • 7 Service Rep Roles *
    • 7 Lookup Tables *
    • 10,000 RMAs/Month *
    • * can be exceeded for extra cost
  • Dedicated account manager, priority service
  • Client requested feature enhancements/integrations will be considered
  • Process Consulting available
  • Configuration setup and testing service available
  • AddOns:
    • integration

What’s the ROI ? Here is what some of our customers found after deploying RenewityRMA:

We saw a 5X improvement in service turnaround times – 1 day as compared to 5 days – an 80% reduction in process cycle time. $40,000 per year reduction in handling costs and $136,000 reduction in labor costs – over first 2 years use of RenewityRMA.

Lee Scanlon - DMP

We saw a 35 hours-per-month reduction in documentation handling time and the elimination of 6 manual touchpoints in the RMA process. A new revenue stream was developed for advanced data service requests managed by RenewityRMA workflow. Approximately 40% reduction in RMA-related phone calls. 100% of staff utilizing RenewityRMA, especially lab technicians, are highly satisfied with the system.

Bob Raiano - QuadTech/Chroma

Our average turnaround time reduced from 45 days to 24 days – 53% reduction. RMA tracking was reduced from 3 hours per RMA to 90 seconds – a 98% in man-hours savings. 40% reduction in warranty handling phone calls, and RMA support calls are now of a much shorter duration. Average open claims per day were reduced by 59%. Increased client and distributor satisfaction with the overall returns management process.

John Robinson - Morbark

There was a 23% reduction in RMAs (number of under-warranty product returns) trending in second year of using Renewity and attributed to more accurate and quicker RMA product issue tracking. Up to $200,000 (5 staff) reduction in RMA staffing. A 50% estimated reduction in incoming and outgoing phone call volumes for related RMAs. Quicker RMA submissions from incoming calls – 1 minute compared to 10 minutes. Scalability savings ($15,000) due to service automation -with large seasonal variations in RMAs easily handled making it unnecessary to hire seasonal people.

Peter Balfour - Excalibur Crossbow

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